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A Detached Cultural Organisation Commission, 2017–2018

Video, 48 minutes, 45 seconds

Filming and production: Hype TV


With special thanks to Penny Clive, Dave and the team at Hype TV, and the 42 people who so generously read for the project.


42 2018
Tasman Pen
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Our books will bear witness for or against us, our books reflect who we are and who we have been, our books hold the share of pages granted to us from the Book of Life. By the books we call ours we will be judged.

Alberto Manguel



This video work features 42 Tasmanians from all walks of life reading a passage from a book of their choice about Tasmania or by a Tasmanian author. The readings are set against black and white scenes of Tasmania's richly varied and dramatic landscape -  beaches, forests, rocky peninsulas, mountains covered in mist, waterfalls, the city, the rural countryside, Port Arthur and the swirling sea. The stories are diverse and offer a unique cross-section of perceptions about Tasmania through the individual selections of the readers. 

42 was developed in conjunction with the production of the audio track for A Tasmanian Reading Room, also commissioned by Detached Cultural Organisation.  Both works invite reflection about the State through its published historical, scientific and fictional writing.

It is worth noting that the number 42 has particular significance for two reasons: Tasmania's latitude is 42 degrees, and according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the answer to the meaning of the universe.

The 42 Readers

James Boyce, Michael Bugelli, Janet Carding, Leigh Carmichael, Ron Christie, Mike Coffin, Peter Davies, Duckpond, Rodney Dunn, Lisa Fletcher, Ryk Goddard , Finn Godfrey, Xanthe Godfrey, Julie Gough, Timothy Hill, Kristyn Harman, Roger Hodgman, Patrick Howard, Jane Hutchinson, Greg Jefferys, Varuni Kulasekera, Bruno Kunda, Jennifer Lavers , Greg Lehman, Brian Looker, Rosalie Martin, Ian Morrison, Bruce Neill, Haidee Neill, Penelope Nester, Sergei Nester, Brigita Ozolins, Pamela Rabe, Henry Reynolds, Brian Ritchie, Heather Rose, Clive Tilsley, Dean Ware, Her Excellency Professor The Honourable Kate Warner AC  Governor of Tasmania, Jane Williams, Danielle Wood, Mark Young

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