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Room 715
Writing in Latvian
Room 715
Room 714
Room 715
Room 715
Room 715
Writing in English

Figure it exhibition, Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart

Curated by Jonathan Holmes

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 2001

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? was developed for an exhibition of self portraiture and self representation that featured artists who use their own bodies in their exploration of identity. The work was a two roomed installation that aimed to question whether it is possible to create a portrait of person through the use of objective information.  It presented the viewer with the opportunity to rifle through a large collection of records and scientific data about the artist.  

Room 714 was a small, completely empty room with the exception of a built–in mirror that was positioned just below comfortable average viewing height. The room was lined with acoustic tiling and lit with fluorescent lighting. The acoustics of the room created a stifling atmosphere that encouraged an intense subjective awareness.

Lined with the same acoustic tiling as Room 714, Room 715 was a research lab. The mirror in Room 714 was revealed as a one–way observation mirror; the desk was covered in papers, reports and files; the filing cabinet was open and could be explored, and there was a video of the artist undergoing an EEG on the computer. A subtly positioned surveillance camera watched over everything.


The images include video stills of the EEG procedure undertaken while speaking, writing and reading in English and Latvian, and the results of the EEG.

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