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Important Idea 2019

Important Idea is a revised version of a work originally created in 1995. The series of 5 digital prints on fabric were inspired by a line from the Hal Hartley film, Trust (1991) in which one of the characters makes the statement, 'We're not fucking important - we're just a crap idea', in reference to the insignificance of humanity in the history of the universe. The images feature a cathedral to represent religious faith; Frederick McCubbin's The Pioneer, 1904, to represent colonisation and the family; Renes Descartes' 'I think therefore I am', to represent philosophical thinking; an inversed image of a galaxy, to represent the vastness of the universe, and a photo of the artist in 1994, in hospital after a major accident that was the catalyst for pursuing a career in art.

The image of the universe was shown at a Palazzo in Venice in the pop-up group exhibition 'Word of Mouth', curated by Dr Peter Hill to coincide with the 2019 Venice Biennale.  The exhibition featured the work of 25 artists from Australia, Scotland and Singapore and was accompanied by lectures, discussions and tours of Venice. 

The complete series of 5 images were later shown at Grau Projekt, Melbourne, in a more extensive version of the Venice exhibition.

Word of Mouth exhibition

Secret Palazzo location, Venice, Italy
7-14 May 2019


Grau Projekt, Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria

12 September - 26 October 2019

5 x digital prints on fabric

each print 100cm x 145cm

Curated by Dr Peter Hill and featuring the work of Matt Bax, Cameron Bishop, Chris Bond, Matthew Calvert, Michael Candy, Gary Carsley, Jon Cattapan, Damp, Jacqueline Drinkall, Phil Edwards, Ceri Hahn, Peter Hill, Ian Howard, Stephen Hurrel, Molly Kent, Adeline Kueh, Urich Lau, Marita Lillie, Clare McCracken, Anna Nagle, Pope Alice, Patrick Pound, Michael Vale, Louise Weaver.

Installation Photo Credits: Simon Strong

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