Acidophilus exhibition, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Ten Days on the Island, 2005

Curated by John Vella

Mirrored perspex
175cm x 900cm x 3mm

Photography: Simon Cuthbert and Simon Ozolins

Look On 2005

This work was created in response to a painting in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery - The Onlooker - by Australian Impressionist, Emmanuel Philips Fox. The painting portrays a woman dressed in white, sitting in a garden, deep in thought.

The mirrored perspex used in Look On created an entrance piece for the Gallery, inviting visitors to look further and engage in new ways with the museum's Australian art collection. The work was featured in a group show entitled Acidopholous,  part of the 2005 Ten Days on the Island visual arts program.


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