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Secondsight copy_edited_edited
SecondSight2 copy_edited_edited

<LOOK> exhibition, Newcastle Region Gallery, NSW

curated by Merryn Gates

200 convex mirrors, perspex, digital transfer
Mirrored disc: 150cm diameter

Image disc: 80cm diameter

Second Sight 2003

Second Sight: the vision of Dr Roland Pope, aimed to create a conceptual link between the Newcastle Library and Regional Art Gallery, which are sited next to each other. It features a portrait of Dr Roland Pope, an ophthalmologist who donated an impressive collection of books and art works to the City of Newcastle Library in 1945, thus making a significant contribution to the cultural life of the city. The work incorporates a giant 'eye' made from convex mirrors and a suspended image of Pope based on his Ex Libris, which was inside every one of his 4,000 donated books. The suspended image is laminated onto a clear perspex lens that hangs 1 metre out from the large 'eye'. It spins in a circle and is reflected in the 200 'eyes' on the wall.

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