Design Centre, Launceston, Tasmania

Digital prints on Archifab
Each print 95 x 125 cm
2 x single channel videos and sound track 


The Gorge 2006

There is memory in the river, in the soft body that will be the cataract, in the hard body of the diver...

Deborah Malor

The Gorge was solo exhibition that resulted from a 2 month Arts Tasmania Residency in Gorge Cottage, Launceston, in 2005.  The work is about the idea of living on the edge, inspired by images of the Tadpole Swimming Team diving from nearby Kings Bridge in the early 1900s.

Downloads & Links

Excerpt from the video of the divers

Excerpt from the video of water at the Gorge

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts. 

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