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Installation and performance

9 metre long table with engraved surface filled with ink, leather reading chair, animated digital projection, books, red paint, constructed walls. 

Installation Photography: Jan Dallas

Performance Photography: Sally Rees

The Library 2003

The Library explored the links between books, words and the mysteries associated with the process of writing. The work was the culmination of an Australia Council residency in London in 2002, where I was able to spend time in some of the world's greatest libraries. The entire gallery was painted red and dimly lit. It was dominated by a huge handcrafted 9 metre long table, its surface enscribed with a branch-like structure filled with a mixture of ink and bitumen. At one end of the space was a large wing–backed leather chair – at the other, a relentless stream of hundreds of book titles, which were spelled out, letter by letter, in a horizontal strip across the wall, a bit like ticker tape. A mechanical typing sound accompanied the formation of each book title. Viewers entered and left the space via a long red dimly lit corridor, at the end of which was a library return slot. Through the slot a huge pile of books were visible, lit by a single spot of light.

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Excerpt from the projection of book titles

The Library was accompanied by a one hour performance of bibliomancy readings (Come with a question, leave with an answer) in which I divined from books, typing the answers to questions from the audience on the back of old catalogue cards.

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.  

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