Unity II 2017

Sydney Contemporary art fair, Bett Gallery Booth F06, Carriage Works, Redfern, Sydney.

13-16 September 2018

Artists: Raymond Arnold, Pat Brassington, David Keeling, Sara Maher, Mish Meijers, Brigita Ozolins, Stephanie Tabram, Megan Walch, Belinda Winkler, Helen Wright, Philip Wolfhagen

Inlaid Wooden Panels x 8
Stained and varnished marine ply, stainless steel
Each 103 x 80 cm
Satin black box frames


Images: Jack Bett, Bett Gallery; Brigita Ozolins, Simon Ozolins

Unity II is a series of 8 works exploring the relationship between text and binary code. It explores the minimal aesthetics and conceptual complexity of the numbers zero and one that make up binary code and are the basis for all digital information. Unity II is an extends ideas, materials and processes first used in the solo exhibition Unity 2016.


While many contemporary art works concerned with the impact of the digital incorporate strategies associated with electronic media and are often computer based, Unity II has been created by combining methods associated with hand-making, such as inlaying and marquetry, with  computer based technologies. Eight wooden panels are embedded with stainless steel numbers and letters that reference the father of binary code, Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716) and statements about writing by the French author Margeurite Duras’ (1914-1996).  The series juxtaposes organic and inorganic materials, numbers and letters, and maths and literature to question the links between language, codes, nature and culture, and to invite reflection about the gradual embedding of the digital world into the organic world.

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