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Spogulis 2007
Spogulis 2007

Soros Foundation Latvia Commission

Site specific text based work using signwriter's vinyl on the windows of the Elizabetas & Jekaba Street National Library of Latvia buildings, Riga. Latvia.

With special thanks to Armins Ozolins for installation of the vinyl lettering, the Soros Foundation Latvia, and the National Library of Latvia.

Spogulis 2007

Spogulis, which means 'mirror' in Latvian, was commissioned by the Soros Foundation, Latvia, for their 15th anniversary celebrations. It was designed site–specifically for the windows of the National Library of Latvia's headquarters building on Elizabetas Street, and and the government library in Jekaba Street.  The work was based on the simple idea that the National Library of Latvia is a reflection of Latvian life and culture.  As the nation's key repository of literature, music, historical records, social and scientific data, and other material, the Library is literally a mirror of the development of Latvian society and culture.


Spogulis aimed to invite the public to think about the Library and their relationship to its collection in new ways – and to celebrate the Library's aim of fostering the steady and long lasting spiritual and intellectual development of society. The mirrored text in the Elizabetas Street work lists significant Latvian cultural and historical names, concepts, publications and events.

The opening of the work was accompanied by a street theatre performance.

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